Dear friends,

While working on this project, I spent a lot of time on my own and the problems that surrounded me. They had to be arranged and fit into the idea, as well as be used to unlock the doors leading to the unknown on the other side of the wall, inasmuch a similar way as the burglars use the right key to unlock the safe. The solution to the problem and the idea were resolved by imagination - in a sudden flash of brilliance - but loneliness and prejudice invariably follow suite on such a journey.

I would not like you to get the wrong impression that money is a big problem to for the realization of this project: even though it may be inherent, given patience, it will be resolved. There is another issue, however, bigger than the money. I am approaching my goal, and I would not like to be in position to be happy about it all alone. For that reason, I am inviting all of you to take part, and by making a most modest donation, join the imminent success which I am most sincerely hoping to achieve, so that we may all together rejoice, and let our joy surpass the money invested and made on the sale of the machines! It would justify my effort - one which lasted several years.

I wish to award everyone who had contributed to the successful completion of the machine by making donations to the Fund, for the simple reasons that:

  1. They helped the development of science.
  2. Because they supported the project by exhibiting confidence.
  3. Because they never left me alone on a journey towards the unknown.

There are many ways to carry it out. One of them is to leave the donators ID number next to his/her name and surname. Each cheque will be marked with a consecutive number, one of which will be included in the lottery which will become a lifelong ticket. Together with the ID number, the name of the child(ren) or grandchildren may be entered as well. Once the company is founded, other topics may be introduced e.g. an employment opportunity on behalf of the company, so that the donators may take full advantage of it. The approach would be similar with respect to companies.

In any event, with or without you, I am walking my path of truth.

Donation groups:

  1. from EUR 10 to EUR 50
  2. from EUR 50 to EUR 100
  3. from EUR 100 to EUR 500
  4. from EUR 500 to EUR 1000
  5. EUR 1000 and above



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Adress: Dusana Jerkovica 31, 22320 Indjija, Republika Srbija


S.N. Grkovic - Patriot

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