My machine is working on a new principle, when the machine is started and brought up to synchronous speed, by means of the engine, which is a low power, untroubled by the machine and does not create any burden. The machine when reached 1500 rpm, and when it is turned on to produce electricity, automatically cease to be used with the additional power and moves on its own power for further work. The word machine for the production of electricity means that it produces electricity while still in their work, not spend any other additional energy.

The existing machines to produce electricity for their work constantly expend some energy that drives them, depending on the type of energy (generators that are actually some other energy converters in electric), and the percentage of energy that will be converted into electricity depends on the fuel.

My machine uses additional energy only a few moments to start up. How to work on a new principle, which is very simple and easy but has not been brought to an end and not over the patent, I can not talk about the details.

I agree that watching the old way of getting electricity unthinkable, if not impossible, to understand. That a generator can be achieved without huge plant working and generating electricity. This new principle provides just that, and its degree of usefulness is not impossible 0,5-0,6 nor 1 which represents the perpetuum mobile, but goes to impossible and unimaginable 95% of the energy produced for the consumers. My generator is different from these existing and engine that powers it is also different from these existing. The new principle will bring changes in science and will let the rules and laws that now govern be modified based on the results that will be shown at the test. My machine will provide enough electricity for all of humanity, pure and present in every place. Everything will run electricity, causing a huge positive change around the globe. Should stop this enormous damaging fuel use: coal, gasoline, oil, environmental pollution, it should stop the need for atomic power, will disappear and the danger that we expect in the future. The machines will be produced from the small supply of kitchen appliances to the largest power generator.

I intend that this machine, on which I do all the tests that I was registered as a patent, to build into the car and drive without fuel. My wish is to design a new car. It will be a great challenge. We start from two directions: from the project of aircraft to the car and from the car to the plane. It should be a vehicle that will be driven around the city and outside the city will be able to fly to a neighboring town.

 S. N. Grkovic - Patriot

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