It was a long time ago that I used to work as a supervisor of a thermal power plant. My task was to direct and control the production of electric energy at the plant. Apart from other duties, my task of the assistant supervisor was to go down to the production hall and control the functioning of the generators, clean up the collector and control the brushes on the initializing generator. The turbines and generators located in the hall were placed in line, the doors either connected or turned at the speed of 3000 rev/min. There were always many generators running, and the noise hence produced overwhelming; in other words, it was a penetrating sound akin to that of a runway jet plane engine. Enormous pipes were used to convey overheated high-pressure steam to the high- pressure turbine, wherefore towards the low-pressure turbine, to eventually turn the fins and run the generator and the initializer. Following the fastidious sound which filled the hall and the entire quarter of the plant, I was witnessing a conversion process which turned steam into electric energy. I was watching the generator under given conditions and pictured all the processes happening therein. At one moment I saw the generation of power as we were taught in school. It suddenly struck me that it could be done in a much simpler and easier manner, and with a logical, self- imposed solution at that. Thus was the idea to create a machine born, together with the principle upon which it works. For days to come I could not stop thinking about my machine and the means of making it work. I soon discovered that the solution was a step forward from the principle once introduced by the famous Nikola Tesla - my countryman - one which was established by him as a result of his multi-phase system promotion. The principle on which my machine is based is fairly simple, logical, and elementary, which, in turn, made me wonder how no one had thought of it much ahead of me.

After much thought and installation of processes essential for the production of electric power onto my machine, everything seemed to fit in like a puzzle. The drawings, which I made for various rotation positions, when compared to the ones found in numerous references, produced a general similarity. All went to show that a machine based on such a principle would be able to produce electric energy, and that it would surpass the contemporary generators even more so than Tesla's alternative current principle ever did with respect to direct current ones. The feeling, given by the sensation that I have overstepped such thresholds of human knowledge and opened a new chapter of modern science, makes me very happy. Apart from myself, others would now be able to show that there are no limits to human race, its thirst for knowledge, and the solutions nature keeps in store.

The first test I performed to verify the principle was quite an improvisation. When I started the machine I was very impatient to see the results of its alleged power production qualities. The outcome was a voltage of 150V, which was more than good, and more importantly, the principle seemed to have passed the test. It has proved my principle to be true, and that a new machine was to be designed. During the construction of the new machine, certain flaws of its predecessor were eliminated. The regulation of initialization and the number of revolutions per minute were made available. I wanted the output to be 220/3 80V. Using this voltage I could easily manipulate the machine, overload it, and record its performance under conditions of overload as well as the amount of power it could produce. Having done it, I performed another test, which partly proved my expectations. The voltage was above all expectations: it exceeded 450V. While overloading, the voltage was unstable and it thus created a tremendous drop. Given the many variations at play, the necessary operations to be undertaken in order to improve these figures could not be carried out due to the limits imposed by design and dimensioning. I eventually reached the conclusion that, judging on the previous tests and demands which must be solved by applying all variations involved, I would have to assemble a prototype design of a machine which, apart from all the mentioned universal qualities, would be powerful enough to be subject to all necessary tests. The time factor is fastidious; days passed by, whereas it was crucial to coordinate all conditions for the design of the machine, as well as foresee some of the problems therein. All previous works presupposed considerable financing. Savings had to be secured for the prototype and its peripherals. The war broke out. Common sense had taught me to predict many a thing in life, but the fact that our country was going to be bombed by NATO had been beyond reason, as well as many other norms: that, I could not foresee. They have broken the international law, started destroying our country and our order, and were ruthless at that. At one moment, they made me hesitate: do they, and the rest of the world - which silently stood aside and watched - really deserve the service of such an accomplishment, one which should serve to the good of humankind and all feats of science, rather than the destruction of peoples and nations. For a period of ten years our country has been pulverized and taken apart, and it used to be a good and righteous one; never so good as not to require continuous remedy and improvement, but we certainly shall not have a good country for some time to come, as we have allowed ourselves to become hostile and divided, the previous one to remain the object of our dreams. Victims we are, and although you may not share my opinion, our loss has been the least. They have found the worst among us, and, using empty promises and a handful of cash, made them to their brethren. They divided us, we fought each other, and they were helping the ones who were destroying our country. We went our separate ways after having suffered heavy casualties. Once that they saw they were losing the race, they did their best to hysterically ravage and take apart the remnants of Yugoslavia. The Serbs did not want to live without freedom and the right to decide upon their own country. They also desired the right to murder justice and the socialism within us, to take Kosovo away from Serbia - deeds which shall never see the light of the day.

It comes as no surprise that, in Yugoslavia, they came across the discontented for any reason imaginable, and those willing to act against their native country, but it does however that there were so many people worldwide, heading the countries that took part in the destruction of our country, or silently standing by, approving of the aggression.

We have lost much - they have lost all. Please forgive me for these words of rage, but they seem inevitable and so very genuine.

During the entire war period I was trying to overcome the deeds of mono-minded people and secure more savings, which I had found lacking. I prepared all necessary documents and ordered the production of all required parts and mechanisms. Due to the conditions in the country, it was very difficult to find adequate materials, so I had to get them abroad. The prepared facilities were considerable, and I thought I could use them to finish the project. As a result of war and all other conditions thereupon, I finally managed to carried out the design of the prototype, but without the means to complete it and test it in due time. I have thus decided to establish a Fund for the development of the machine which produces electric energy to which all those wishing to contribute (notably citizens and companies) would make their donations and, hence, speed up the completion of this contrivance.

S.N. Grkovic - Patriot

© 2013