To Nikola Tesla, the man who has so much obliged the Mankind, and who has obliged us, his kin, to follow his footsteps.

You are our sprout, and have take a healthy and free mind alongwith you, an eye so clear, and, above all, a timid and noble soul ofyour kin. For you, no unexplored land nor scientific fieldprovided an obstacle. You have seen far, farther than anyoneelse, and after so much time has passed, we still realize how farahead of us you have always been. Your mind has understood theevents and the processes that take place in nature, and you were,therefore, able to attune the principles of science andtechnology, and bring their contingencies to perfection. All thatyou have conceived, and that time did not limit, you haveadapted to the well-being of humanity. Your ideas, andincomplete works that extend to the heights of many a scientificdomain, still await those who are able to understand them, andmake them convenient for human use.

A man can possess many treasures and have many qualities, albeit if his soul cannot ennoble all i.e. channel them towards a general welfare, then all those qualities perish and disappear - they fade towards oblivion. Apart from your fine qualities and your creations, all that the world remembers is your work because your work is inevitable and can be found every step of the way, although it is yet unaware of its grandeur and the way you have bestowed them upon mankind. You lived and created free of desire for personal and material riches, and you have bestowed all your intellectual and spiritual riches upon mankind, forgiving - in your individual, specific way - the debtors who had believed in you and your work. As a result of your work, but even more so of your spirit and your inherent harmony, we celebrate you even nowadays. Your creations are great, your spirit afar, farther from anything hither, and that makes us recognize the part of you within ourselves. We respect you, and praise you, for having been able to remain an undefiled spirit of your ancestors taking it along to eternity, despite all the difficulties and ordeals encountered. For an unknown reason or other, some would like to credit you, or discredit you, being ignorant of the fact that, even after much unjust discredit has been done towards you, you, Nikola, still remain the greatest among the greatest. Your dream of human welfare will be fulfilled once many scientists, who expand the borders of human knowledge on a daily basis, catch up with you, as well as surpass you, in the field of science.

In remembrance of you and you virtue, I visited your doorstep in Smiljane, but could not bring myself to step inside, which others could. I bequeathed that one should accomplish something truly great in life, in order to be in position to trespass your home. Much time has passed since, but I have not yet forgotten my pledge, nor the wish to achieve it.

Thinking of an alternative means of producing electric current has brought me to your path of multi-phase alternate currents. With a modest knowledge, but the perseverance to reach the end and the solution, I followed your steps, learning slowly along the way. I reached the vague scientific field of electrical engineering -one which you had already enlightened with solutions that have regenerated the lives of people all over the planet.

I was perplexed, roaming that multifarious and extensive scientific field, bearing my original idea in the bud. Steadily, I began to understand the harmony of all those complex processes and events in that enormous field, I held on to the original idea and attempted to fit it into the existing models, but in vain. In the end, I realized that I would have to step into the unknown in order to implement the idea, to step over the eternal frontier of human cognition - the darkness, and enlighten it with using my idea and my mind, present it to others and explain the principle it rests upon, and its potentials. This is how new creations come to be, and that is the only way which leads towards the truth. I have put my idea into practice and I am nearing its completion. With anxiety and satisfactory calm, I am anticipating the completion of my prototype, followed by its initial testing. It is only human to hope for the best, using knowledge to boost potentials, and hence, accomplish goals. The previously conducted tests further substantiate my satisfaction, tests I had initially performed in hope of verifying the principle, and later its potentials, as well. The anxiety and those quiet and subtle flickers of the soul may well be the result of incertitude that lies ahead of me, or rather the truth which may be so great and good, and which I would finally have to face, so that it can reward me with its light for my boldness and courage on the quest to the truth. The anxiety is not a result of fear, but of joy which should be shared with others, as well as that I will be in position to verify the integrity and the grandeur of your work - its universality, as well as be able to achieve the pledge from my youth.

When the machine starts working, we shall all be happy, and we shall send a message to you stating that we have managed to bring down the last barrier towards the truth and the inexhaustible source of electric energy, and all this is possible due to hidden powers of magnetic induction.

S.N.Grkovic - Patriot

© 2013