As the development of this innovation is a self-financed project, it is a machine which produces electric energy. I have already spent all secured finances working on this project. Experiments I have performed thus far have proved to be worthwhile with respect to the effort and money invested therein. I was forced to make a large-scale prototype in order to perform all necessary tests and record the results, and thus report the innovation to the patenting institution. As my works are nearing their end, and I do not have adequate finances to complete the works, I have decided upon founding a personal fund which would serve the citizens and companies as a means of providing donations and, hence, speed up the completion of this project. Once the innovation has been completed and registered at the patenting institution, the Fund would become a company which would retain its name of "JU ENERGIJA GNS". The copyright would not be made available to anyone - we shall rather set up production. Thus would "JU ENERGIJA GNS" become the tower of strength which would eventually gather many existing companies producing electric motors, generators, as well as other essential equipment for our machine, and the principle on which it is based. Many newly founded companies would join in, as our production would become very profitable. "JU ENERGIJA GNS" would thus obtain its production plants and cooperatives, for the simple reason that our principle should become dominant according to the economic and all other criteria.

By founding the company, a brand new, powerful centre, dealing with development, would be established, employing local employees and all those who would like to put their ideas into practice in order to improve and master equipment and machines alike, a concept which does not only include local machines, but generally speaking, all those in the domain of electrical engineering as well.

S.N. Grkovic - Patriot

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